Quality is in our DNA
Ensures the timely completion of projects by using a method unaffected by weather
Project Timeline Accuracy

Speed of Deployment

8 to 10 times faster than traditional construction methods, up to 2,600 feet per day

Cost Efficient

33% to 66% Cheaper than traditional methods.

Timing and Flexibility

Year-round. Not restricted by weather or temperature conditions

CA-BOTICS: a world leader in state-of-the-art fiber cable installation.

Utilizing a powerful, cable laying robotic technology and existing metropolitan networks of sewer pipes and conduits, CA-BOTICS brings wide-band access through fiber optics to entire cities - at, previously unimagined, standards of speed and cost-effectiveness. Already proved in Europe, Asia, and North America, this technology represents the future of cable laying. Explore our site and discover the wonder of CA-BOTICS.